About Us

My Areas Best is an end-to-end online buying lifecycle management solution that ensures that you end up buying the best! From enabling Search through our vast database and local listings of the most reliable services in your areas, to finding the best online and local daily deals, My Areas Best helps take you to the exact product or service that you are looking for.

Hot Deals and Local Offers

My Areas Best provides you the Control that YOU want before and while searching for hot deals. With built-in features of Search, Reviews, Customer-Buyer social media platform and more; we ensure that you are well in control at every step of your online buying experience.

With over 10 Million qualified and reviewed businesses, products and services on our website, the success rate of finding your favorite local services and local daily deals is always 100 percent.

For you the consumer, we offer benefits and convenience in choosing to buy local! We list only the best local businesses for you to choose from.

Local Business Directory

When you sign up for a FREE membership with My Areas Best you gain access to our directory, as well as other benefits.

Buying Local and You-


  • Keep the Money Local

A recent study revealed 70% of local businesses reinvest revenue… other studies prove that if just $100 of consumer spending is redirected to local business, the impact could mean up to $25 million in revenue redirected locally.


  • The Quality Difference

In products and services with real commitment to personal satisfaction… the local business person’s creed.  Local businesses are committed to their customers, and they take pride in creating something special… they believe in relationships and want to personally insure your satisfaction with a quality experience. Local business owners invest far more than just money, they truly care.


  • Embracing the Unique

Our community has its own beauty, character, and personality. Chain businesses change the very nature of an area. Our local business owners possess vision and the courage to make their dreams a reality and contribute to our community. Embrace the character of local community.


  • An Additional Statistic

350% more is contributed to nonprofits by local businesses. That is not all.  The infrastructure demands are lower and create less demand on the public utilities… local business owners are better for the environment and certainly more conservation conscious too.